3 Reasons Your AC Is Constantly Running

18 April 2017
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Having an AC is one of those great privileges that allow you to stay cool in your home even during the hottest days of the week. However, air conditioning units aren't always efficient enough to keep your home cool in the best way. An AC system should be able to bring your house to a cool temperature fairly quickly and then shut off until it needs to cool down the house more later on in the day. If you notice your AC is not doing this, but instead stays running all day, you need to know the five reasons this could be. From here, you can resolve the problem to ensure you have efficient AC in your home by resolving the problem. Here are the three most common reasons your AC may be constantly running:

  1. The Air Filter is Clogged: If the air filter is clogged, then there is not as much air flow coming into your home, which significantly lowers the amount of time it takes for the AC to cool down the house. Luckily, this is a simple fix and, most often, the main reason the AC is running constantly. So if you notice your AC is running constantly, be sure to change out or clean the filters before coming to the conclusion that the problem lays elsewhere. 
  2. Broken Thermostat: Another problem could be that the thermostat is broken. To check on this, you will want to first check that you have it set to cool and not heat and be sure that it is actually set to on. From here, you will want to turn the thermostat down about five degrees and see how long it takes for the home to reach this temperature. If your home does not reach this temperature, then you will need to call in an air conditioning contractor to possibly replace the thermostat or at the very least repair it. 
  3. There are Air Leaks: If there are air leaks in your home, your AC is going to have to work harder to keep the home at the ideal temperature. You will know there are air leaks by standing by every window and door in your home. If you feel any kind of draft when running your hands around the edges of the windows or doors, you will need to caulk the framing to fix it. This is going to prevent air from easily leaking out and in. 

When you know these three common reasons your AC is running constantly, you can be sure that you know what you need to do to possibly fix it. Contact an air conditioning contractor for more help.