How Can An AC Help Allergy Sufferers?

4 July 2017
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If you aren't sure whether or not to invest in a new air conditioner, then your allergies could be the deciding factor. Whether you suffer from seasonal allergies and hay fever, or year round problems, an AC can help provide relief. The following guide will explain more:

AC systems do more than just cool the air

An air conditioner is mainly used as a cooling unit, but it also filters the air. This means that it pulls out allergens, such as pollen or dust mites, that would otherwise make life miserable for an allergy sufferer. You also don't have to open a window to cool down, which would let in all the pollen and allergens from outside. You can even upgrade the filters in your AC unit to HEPA filters. These have smaller openings, which trap more allergens and thus better minimize the amount of allergens in your home.

The scoop on AC allergies

Some allergy sufferers shy away from AC units because they have heard about "AC allergies." The truth is that no one is allergic to air conditioning, they are just affected by poor AC maintenance. AC allergies occur when the AC begins spreading allergens around the home instead of filtering them out. The most common cause is a dirty filter. If you change or clean your filter monthly, you likely won't have a problem. Mold growth can be an issue in some climates, particularly humid ones, as well. Chances are mold is also present in homes without AC, but when it's primarily regulated to the ductwork in a home with AC it's easy to find and remove with a simple annual duct cleaning.

Combination systems can also help

If you are still concerned that an AC system will hinder more than help, then consider investing in a combination system that provides the benefits of a cooler home with the increased filtration of an air purifier. These purifiers, which are connected to the AC unit, provide additional filtration to remove just about any remaining allergens so they can't circulate through your home. This makes your house an allergy-free oasis, which can be especially nice if you suffer from extreme allergies in the spring. Much like your main AC filter, the purifier only works if you stay on top of filter replacement and maintenance.

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