Preparing A House To Stay Warm During Cold Weather

15 March 2018
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Going through the cold season of the year can be difficult to cope with when there isn't a reliable source of heat to use. You can avoid having to go through such an experience by make sure each heating source in your house is in good shape. Getting everything inspected by a professional well before the cold season comes is the wisest thing to do. You can then get cleaning and heating repairs done if they are necessary. In this article, you will find a list of suggestions that can be helpful in regards to keeping the inside of your house warm when it is cold outside.

Get the Central Heater Furnace Inspected

If your house has a central heating system in it, it is important to make sure the furnace is functional. The heater is unable to work properly without the furnace having working parts. For instance, a gas furnace must have a working thermocouple and pilot. The burner on the furnace must also be in good shape, as it is where flames are created for the pilot to ignite. An HVAC technician can also inspect and repair other parts of the system to ensure that you are able to receive a sufficient amount of heat when it is time.

Make Sure the Fireplace Chimney is Clean

A fireplace is one of the common heating sources that many people use in their homes, and often while their central heating systems are running. If there is a fireplace in your house, getting the chimney cleaned has a smart way to prepare for cold weather. The reason why is because it will give you the security that the fireplace is safe enough to use. Cleaning the chimney isn't only for safety reasons, but also to prevent a fire hazard when you begin using it to warm up your house. When ashes and soot build up, it is easier for a fire to ignite in the chimney.

Make Repairs to Damaged Doors & Windows

The windows and doors in your house play a big role in how much heat it able to retain when it is cold outside. If they are damaged, it makes it easy for heat to seep out when the HVAC system is running or fireplace is burning. Ensure that all of your windows and doors are able to fully close. You must also make sure the frames around them are not damaged.