The Typical Problems Of An HVAC System

24 April 2018
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An HVAC system makes cooling and heating a home a fast and easy task for homeowners. The systems are also some of the most energy-efficient ways to obtain cold and warm air when the weather outside isn't at a comfortable temperature. Due to an HVAC system having the ability to provide heat and cold air, it consists of numerous parts that contribute to its ability to properly function. Due to there being so many parts of the system, diagnosing problems when they arise can be difficult unless you have the right kind of knowledge. Browsing through the information below will give you an understanding of what might be wrong when your HVAC system is experiencing problems.

The HVAC System is Too Noisy

The first thing that you should look into when an HVAC system becomes noisy is how much dirt it has accumulated. A technician should be hired to take a look at the filter, as a dirty one can cause air to make noise as it passes through. A dirty filter doesn't take much labor to bring back to good shape. The technician will simply clean or replace it to resolve the problem in no time.

The Level of Air Flow Has Decreased

A decrease in the air flow level can mean a few things are possibly wrong. For example, the most important part that produces air is the blower fan. You might need to get the fan cleaned if it is full of dirt, or replaced if the blades are badly damaged. There is also the possibility that the fan is unable to rotate with full speed because the motor is weak. Pest and debris in the air ducts can also lead to a decreased level of air flow.

The Heater Doesn't Produce Warm Air

An HVAC system heater that doesn't produce warm air is commonly problematic due to the furnace needing attention. A technician will first take a look at the pilot on the furnace, as it might simply need to be ignited so heat will be produced. It is possible that the circuit breaker that sends power into the furnace is off or damaged. Keep in mind that even a gas furnace might need access to electricity, depending on the type that you have. 

A Foul Odor Comes from the Vents

If you rarely run the HVAC system because a foul odor comes from the vents, a thorough cleaning might be the only thing that is needed. The carcasses of pests or debris can be inside of the air ducts and causing the problem. Hire a technician to clean the entire system to increase the extent that it can function and produce air that doesn't have a foul odor, but consider getting a new system installed if there are numerous problems of concern.

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