Answers For Homeowners With Furnace Heating Systems

6 February 2019
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Your furnace is a key part of your home's HVAC system. Its importance is magnified during the winter months, but homeowners are often inadequately informed about this part of the HVAC system.

How Can Corrosion Harm Your Furnace?

Rust on the furnace can be a serious problem as it has the ability to degrade the performance of the furnace as well as contribute to sizable safety risks. For example, corrosion on one of the supply lines or valves can contribute to gas or oil leaks. Additionally, corrosion can also contribute to heat escaping before it is distributed through the home. Lastly, it is possible for the furnace's mechanical parts to fail as a result of corrosion, which can lead to the entire system failing. Corrosion is usually a product of excessive moisture or humidity in the room where the furnace is being kept, which can make a humidity control system an important addition to these areas.

What Do You Need To Do To Keep The Pilot Light In Good Condition?

For both gas and oil burning systems, the pilot lights can be essential. When this component fails, the entire system may stop producing heat. Preventing this problem will require the pilot light to be kept in good condition through regular cleanings and inspections. The inspections are needed to check for obstructions, warping and other issues that could prevent it from functioning. These inspections should also be done after cleaning the pilot light, as it will be easier to spot problems on a clean pilot light.

How Will You Know If The Ventilation System For The Furnace Fails?

Combustion-based furnaces will require an elaborate ventilation system to avoid a building of noxious fumes. Unfortunately, this ventilation system can fail as a result of intake or outtake fans malfunctioning or the exterior vent becoming clogged. It can be extremely difficult to notice these problems before a buildup of hazardous fumes occurs. Installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in the area where the furnace is located can provide you with an early warning.

Are There Reusable Air Filters Available?

Replacing the air filters is a routine task for any type of HVAC system. However, homeowners may want a more economical and environmentally friendly option to traditional disposable air filters. These individuals may be able to utilize reusable air filters. These filters can be washed and cleaned so that you can avoid the need to regularly throw away bulky air filters. Not all furnace systems can support the use of these air filters, which can make it important to check your system before deciding to use these filters.

Contact a furnace repair service for more help.