Short Cycling Air Conditioning Problems And The Importance Of Repair

26 September 2019
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Your air conditioning system needs plenty of air and refrigerant to work efficiently. Short cycling is a problem that indicates your system is straining to cool down your home in most cases, and it is going to make your cooling costs expensive. If you hear your air conditioning system turn on and off frequently yet the temperature in your home is uncomfortable, your system is short cycling for some reason. If you ignore the problem, you can cause your system to overheat and stop working completely. To prevent further issues, you need to have your air conditioner repaired when it is short cycling.

Ice On Your Evaporator Coils

Your evaporator coils allow in air so that your air conditioner can run well. If you have ice on your evaporator coils, air can't get through to support your air conditioner. If the ice is thick, your system is going to stop working. The problem could be temporary, so you can try turning off your air conditioner and allowing the ice to melt completely. Once your evaporator coils are dry, turn your system back on and see if the problem is solved. If ice builds up again, call for air conditioning repair.

Your Home Isn't Getting Cool

If you hear your air conditioner turn on and off but your home remains warm, you could have low refrigerant levels. Your system will strain to cool off your home, but it will start to overheat when it doesn't have enough refrigerant. Once the air conditioner begins to overheat, it will shut off to avoid burning out. Once the system cools down, it will turn on again and try to cool off your home without the refrigerant it needs. It's a vicious cycle and will eventually burn out your system.

When you hear your air conditioner turning on and off and you aren't comfortable in the home, this could be due to a system that is too large for your home. You may experience huge swings in temperature if the air conditioner is too big for the space. The problem could be as simple as your air filters needing to be changed, or the thermostat might be set to fan instead of cool. Pay attention to the frequency at which your system turns on and off to see if your system is short cycling, and call your HVAC technician for service if you think that your air conditioner isn't working properly.