Is It Time to Replace Your AC Unit?

9 November 2020
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Despite what you may think, AC units can last a really long time. Most estimates put them anywhere from 12 to 17 years, as long as regular maintenance and prompt repairs are performed on time.

Nevertheless, occasionally, you'll have to schedule an AC replacement because of a variety of different issues, many of which are outlined below. If any of the below situations sound familiar, consider getting a new air conditioning unit instead of scheduling another repair.

The Unit Is Old

As mentioned above, AC units can last a long time if taken care of properly. Once they reached the halfway point of that timeline though, the repairs can become much more frequent and much more serious than they used to be. Instead of cleaning the condenser coils, you may be dealing with fan blades that are broken off or a motor that is cut out. AC compressors can also cost a significant amount of money, so you need to weigh the benefits of simply having your system repaired as opposed to having an AC unit replacement performed instead.

The Unit Is Always Broken

Not all issues with AC units are the fault of the homeowner. In some cases, parts can just break down without any sort of rational explanation. Even if your unit isn't really old, it may make more financial sense for you to have an AC unit replaced, especially as those bills are starting to pile up. Not only will you have a brand new unit that you won't have to worry about, but you should also have a warranty that will protect you against any repairs in the near future. A good rule of thumb is to add up the cost of your repairs, and then measure that against how much a new unit would cost. If it's more than 50% the price of a new unit, schedule an AC unit replacement instead.

The Unit Needs an Upgrade

While you may think that a new AC unit would just be as good as the last one, today's air conditioning systems are much more energy-efficient and take up less space than they used to. Not only does this allow you to keep more money in your pocket, but it also allows you to cool down your home more efficiently, creating a more comfortable environment. Talk to your HVAC company about the latest models that are on the market, and if you need an AC replacement, schedule one before the temperatures start to warm back up again.