Is It Time to Replace Your AC Unit?

9 November 2020
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Despite what you may think, AC units can last a really long time. Most estimates put them anywhere from 12 to 17 years, as long as regular maintenance and prompt repairs are performed on time. Nevertheless, occasionally, you'll have to schedule an AC replacement because of a variety of different issues, many of which are outlined below. If any of the below situations sound familiar, consider getting a new air conditioning unit instead of scheduling another repair. Read More 

Why Your Air Conditioner And Furnace Need The Help Of An HVAC Company To Stay In Good Shape

2 October 2020
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There are a lot of things you can do by yourself to keep up with home maintenance, and then there are things you should let a contractor handle. HVAC maintenance and repair are usually best left to a professional for a few reasons. Here's a look at why professional HVAC services are important and some types of service you may need. Reasons To Have Your HVAC Serviced By A Pro Read More 

Top Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip Air Conditioning Maintenance

28 August 2020
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If your home has an air conditioning unit, then you should not skip routine air conditioning maintenance. This should be performed by a professional who specializes in providing air conditioning services for the reasons below and more. It's Usually Not Too Expensive Although you might like the idea of keeping your air conditioning unit properly maintained, you might be concerned about cost, particularly if your household budget is tight each month. Read More 

Why A Ductless Air Conditioning System Is A Better Choice Than Portable AC Units

30 July 2020
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If you need a new air conditioner for your home, but you don't want a central system that includes ducts, then your choices are a ductless AC or a portable unit. A ductless air conditioner is a better choice unless money is the deciding factor. Here's why. Ductless Air Conditioning Cools Your Entire House A ductless air conditioner is like a central AC system in that the air blower is inside and the condenser unit is outside. Read More 

Dependent On AC For Health Reasons? How Residential AC Services Can Help

26 June 2020
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Respiratory health conditions, such as asthma, as well as some types of coronary and immune issues can make hot, humid living conditions untenable for adults and children, alike. For most of these patients, residential air conditioning is the key to a healthy home atmosphere, even in the hottest, most humid weather conditions.  Like any mechanical system, however, residential air conditioning systems can break down or wear out, posing a serious problem for those rely on it for their health. Read More