The 6 Factors Affecting The Cost Of Operating A Residential Electric Forced-Air HVAC System

25 March 2019
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Electric forced-air HVAC systems are typically installed in mobile homes and residences where cheaper natural gas or propane are not available. While this type of system is often more expensive to run, there are many different factors affecting its running costs. And, unlike their gas-powered cousins, electric systems can accommodate air conditioning installations using their existing blower motors and ductwork. This makes them a clear winner for homes located in areas with excessively hot summer temperatures. Read More 

Answers For Homeowners With Furnace Heating Systems

6 February 2019
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Your furnace is a key part of your home's HVAC system. Its importance is magnified during the winter months, but homeowners are often inadequately informed about this part of the HVAC system. How Can Corrosion Harm Your Furnace? Rust on the furnace can be a serious problem as it has the ability to degrade the performance of the furnace as well as contribute to sizable safety risks. For example, corrosion on one of the supply lines or valves can contribute to gas or oil leaks. Read More 

That Stinks! A Look At Furnace Odors

28 December 2018
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There are some scents that are always welcome in the house—like the smell of cinnamon sticks, cookies being baked, or fresh peppermint. There are other scents, like those of rotten eggs and burning plastic, that you definitely don't want in your home. What if one of those nasty odors is coming from your furnace? Your actions should depend on the actual odor you notice. Rotten Eggs If you smell rotten eggs coming from the furnace, this means you probably have a gas leak. Read More 

Comparing Heat Pumps And Central Air Conditioners

27 November 2018
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Heat pumps and air conditioners are two very common types of appliances that are used to control the climate within your home. However, despite having the same function, both HVAC appliances work in different ways to perform that function. This means that each has a different set of distinctive characteristics, and is well suited to a different type of climate control need. Understanding the major differences between air conditioners and heat pumps can help make it easier for you to determine which one is the best choice for you. Read More 

Designing Your Home: Four Plumbing Considerations To Keep In Mind

15 October 2018
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Designing your home gives you the unique opportunity to customize its layout, finishes, and almost every other option. In all of your excitement, however, it is important not to lose sight of the usability of your home. And much of that usability comes down to the plumbing. Here are four plumbing considerations to discuss with your plumber as you design your home. 1. Make sure the upstairs bathroom is centered over the downstairs one or over the kitchen. Read More