Tips To Help Keep You And Your Home Cool During A Heat Wave Without AC

7 June 2016
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If you don't have home air conditioning or your air conditioner is not working, you don't have to suffer in the heat. Here are three tips to help you keep your home and yourself cooler. Use Interior Fans Efficiently Fans inside your home can help keep the temperature cool and help you stay comfortable, despite hot outside temperatures. If you have ceiling fans, or portable fans, turning these on can move the air around and help you feel cooler. Read More 

Heating Bills Leaving You Speechless? Check Beneath Your Bathroom And Kitchen Sinks For Air Leaks

9 February 2016
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If your winter heating bills seem higher than usual this year, and there's nothing wrong with your furnace, check your bathroom and kitchen sinks for hidden air leaks. A home that isn't properly sealed and protected against cold drafts and heat loss won't stay warm in the winter. Even seemingly harmless openings in the home, such as cable line outlets, electrical sockets and even the damaged wood around your plumbing pipes, can make rooms in the home feel cold and drafty. Read More